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    Remember Loved Ones
    A visit to a loved one's gravesite is a way to show your lasting love for him for her

A Memorable Experience

Have you ever thought about visiting the gravesite of a beloved family member or friend? Do you want to find a way to make visiting a grandparent's grave memorable for young children? Visiting a gravesite can be an extremely meaningful and memorable experience for people of all ages. Here are some ideas of good times to visit and ways to ensure your experience is positive.

  • Make It a Special Day
    A meaningful visit is everlasting

    While most cemeteries allow visitors every day of the year, you may want to plan your visit on a day that is particularly meaningful to you. Perhaps you want to visit on Christmas or Thanksgiving, especially if you have fond memories of spending these holidays with your loved one. Another option is to visit on a birthday or anniversary. Schedule enough time for a leisurely visit.

  • Plan Your Day's Activities
    Celebrating a loved one's life

    There are several things you can do during your visit to reflect, remember, and celebrate your loved one. Most of these activities can be especially helpful for children. You may want to lay flowers or pictures on the grave marker. Planting a flag may be particularly important if your loved one served in the military. Meditating, praying, and talking can be effective ways to process grief.

  • Gravesite Maintenance
    Preserving a gravesite shows you care

    Another option during your visit is to spend some time caring for the headstone. In most cases, cemetery staff members maintain the paths and grass but leave the care of the grave markers to visitors. While most headstones are extremely durable, they require some minor upkeep. You may need to brush off dirt and leaves or remove moss. After removing debris, you can clean the monument with soap and water.

Prepare for Your Next Visit

Before leaving, you can begin planning your next visit. Think about coming on a religious holiday or a date that is significant to you. You may want to schedule separate trips: one with family members and another when you can reminisce alone. Walking around the grounds can allow you to enjoy the beauty and peace that surrounds your loved one's resting place.

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