Is Accident-Free Possible?

Shopping should be a safe experience, but with so many people entering and exiting a business, accidents are bound to happen from time to time. Keeping a store hazard-free can be a full-time job for some managers, but it’s important to address these issues for the future survival of the business. Safety issues can affect the finances of a business and it’s reputation.

Every accident, no matter how innocent, has a cause. Customers can fall in the parking lot because of insufficient lighting. People slip and fall due to liquid left on the floor. Improperly stored merchandise can fall from shelves and injure someone. Jagged edges on shelves and showcases can cause cuts to a person’s fingers. Loose carpets or faulty escalators can cause tripping.

When an accident occurs, a customer may claim that the retailer was negligent, but that may not necessarily be true. A customer may have caused the accident themselves. The customer has the legal burden of proving their claim. However, if a store owner knew about the dangerous condition and did nothing to take care of it, then it’s obvious that store personnel was negligent.

After an accident occurs in a store, a personal injury lawyer will look at the store owner as the first party of a potential lawsuit. Even if the store isn’t at fault, the store’s reputation and finances will suffer while defending themselves from the charges. You cannot take a laissez faire attitude about safety. Be alert about what is happening in your store at all times, it can make a difference.

Today's Timetable

Be proactive in correcting safety issues before an accident occurs. Inspect the premises daily to identify potential hazards. Make sure the safety policies and procedures you have set up are followed and enforced to protect your business, your customers, and your employees. Everyone who enters your store is entitled to be safe while in your place of business, so it’s up to you, the business owner or manager, to ensure their safety.